Our Personal & Business Services

Forms & Contracts

Service Forms

Protect your business with professional Independent Contractor Agreements or Service and Consulting Agreements.

Corporate Forms

Receive a custom business kit tailored to your needs! We can create a business plan, LLC Operating Agreement, or a Purchase of Business Agreement.

Sales Forms

Our services include development of Bill of Sales, Purchase Agreements, and Sales Agreements.

Human Resources Forms

Do you need help writing contracts and forms like employee confidentiality agreements or termination letters? We will help you!

Loans, Debts, & IOUs 

We can assist you with loan agreements, debt management, corporate guarantees, promissory notes, and more.

Planning & Management

Project Management

TAR provides operating and planning advice for businesses including startup, strategy, financial/asset management, records, improvement, and organization, plus much more.

Trusts, Wills & Power of Attorney

Let us help you with a Trust, Last Will & Testament, Power of Attorney matters, or a Health Care Directive.

Marriage & Cohabitation  

We have the tools to help you develop agreements for before or after marriage, like prenuptials, separation, or cohabitation.

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